A lesbian prays for Kenya

If you are a Kenyan like me and you will be casting your vote next week on March 4th, bless your heart. I am not vying for any seat; I just said bless your heart to make you feel better while you will be baking your face under the hot sun on those long queues. Also, you are a patriotic Kenyan and you want good leaders. And it is a beautiful thing to want good leaders.

I am a first timer on the whole voting process but thank God for the IEBC voter education ads. I am well informed and I will go out and vote, and most importantly live peacefully with my neighbours after that. I have heard so many peace messages but really, it cannot be over emphasized.  I will preach peace some more because I am scared shitless of locking myself in the house for fear of meeting a man with an axe who will chop my head off and eat my heart. That is how freaked out I was after the last election.

You see, I will die some day. The computers and cell phones that will take over this green earth will not give a rat’s arse about how many tribal jokes I made, or which neighbor I ran over because my preferred candidate did not win. Life goes on, with or without me.

So instead I will be praying the good Lord to cover everyone with his holy blood and wash their garments to be as white as snow (in short I will be repenting for everyone’s sins). I know the last time you were dragged to church was two decades ago but I understand it and I love y’all 🙂

I told my dad the candidates I am voting for earlier this week and he was not amused. But that does not mean that he will fuck things up for me and refuse to pay for my school fees or throw me out of his house. Since he don’t want me to spend the rest of my life on the streets begging and he wants me to move out go get married some day and bring him chubby grandkids he has the best wishes for my life, He said that he respects my decision.

We are all Jesus friends in our family but if you are a stranger and you get invited while we discuss politics, get the fuck outta there if you love your brain because you might get permanent brain seizures.

Still, we are all family. And so is every Kenyan you meet every other day.

Thank you Lord for every person who will happen to read this blog today. Let your blood flow over them in an amazing holy river of amazing peace. That they may PREACH and maintain peace after the election. Thank you Lord.

I have put the word preach in bold because not everyone has access to the interwebs and those are the people who need the peace message the most.

The sermon is over. Go thee all and preach peace.