This post is not about Michelle Rodriguez


I am crouched over a computer screen at work switching between doing a school assignment, reading Stephen R. Covey’s Seven habits of highly effective people (gazillion years later), drooling over Michelle Rodriguez (the photos that is, if she were to show up in person my hands would do weird things like unzipping her fly and wait, my cheeks are getting hot) and of course, working. Not particularly in that order but whatever order you prefer to use, make sure the working bit comes last.



Again I say, this is the point you stop reading if you are a potential employer.

Let’s move on fellow subordinates. There is something mysteriously cool about being alive, say women coming out or witnessing the evolution of womankind for example. Newborn babies keep blowing off my mind (and no this is not a pedophile alert) cuz they look so yummy, women are becoming increasingly beautiful. Must be something in the water, or the sperms; it’s not something I would know. I don’t know more about science than I know about the anatomy of a sperm. 

But here is a familiar terrain, our world is expanding guys. Why because the tank top wearing, badass, she can suck me into oblivion Michelle Rodriguez has come out as being bisexual. Omg I am still high on all the orgasms I had when I read these life altering news.


Sorry guys, I can’t find the right words to soberly describe this woman and will therefore leave you with some Michelle Rodriguez porn for your weekend.












                                                        You’re welcome.

You are right. It’s an obsession. Orgasmic weekend sweethearts! 


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