Self Identity

Hey Kitties 😀

What do you have going for you?

This may lie in things like religious beliefs, a person or calling you would die for, your way of life etc.
Take me for instance, I love and dream women like my life depend on it. I am fond of pizzas, chocolate …and on and on the list goes. If you are a healthy freak, maybe what you have going on for you is your ability to live on steamed vegetables and carrots every single day of the year. Living permanently on the grocery section of the supermarket is what tickle your fancy.

Necessary side note: I would rather eat nothing than live on steamed vegetables; I’d rather eat an ant hill.

There has to be a thing you identify with so clearly. Something that makes people aah and ooh at you. Here comes Jane and her runaway mouth! a statement I use on one of my co-worker. She never stops talking that woman.

I had a conversation with a friend recently and seeing lust is my first name, we were talking matters sex. I will call the said friend Ed. As in Edward, I keep explaining things because you might think I am talking about a friend with erectile problems:

Me: Which day of the week is it? (Sometimes I even forget my name)
Ed: Friday, why?
Me: Eer, how is your girlfriend?
Ed: (grinning), whimsical as usual.
Me: You mean you guys are still feeding each other pickled onions during sex?
Ed: Hell yeah! Yesterday she burned my knob with a candle.
Me: eeer so your eeerr is half way burned now, can I see?
Ed: (unzipping his pants)
Me: (panicking) Stoop Ed! I am kidding! I don’t want to see that creature!
Ed: (grinning, again) but it is not a creature, damnit! Why can’t you say PENIS and move on!
Me: But why do you do those things during sex, what if she falls asleep on top of you and burns your entire manhood?
Ed: But I like it! Did I tell you about the day I almost bite off one of her nipples?
Me: (throwing my eyes to heaven), can we talk about something else?

After he had successfully scared the lust out of me, I realized that maybe the two individuals lived for kinky sex. Maybe that is what keeps them going.

Evaluating my here and now, past or present, my brain goes into a host of locations. I have identified areas in life I am not good at and vice versa, some things I can do in my sleep while some, I do trial and error until I master them. Like math for example. I have to repeat one equation a thousand times to get it right.

Talking of math, there is a fourteen y.o kid I saw recently getting interviewed; he is doing a Master’s Degree Yo! He fancies Quantum Physics and such like stuff.

I mean, people on this earth can make you feel inadequate.

It is a world full of ghouls and knaves and this is when self-identity becomes your best companion. Identifying what you are good at and doing it good.

As a kid when mother dressed me in a dress I didn’t fancy, I used to pour water all over myself and even though she would give me a good beating, I wouldn’t go to church or wherever with a dress I considered ugly. Poor mother, I always kept her on her toes. I was a stubborn kid maybe but that is what got me through my childhood days. I identified with my stubbornness.

People’s idealistic goals about you don’t matter.

Live for your cause and enjoy the things that give meaning to your life.

... aand watch movies

… aand watch movies


3 thoughts on “Self Identity

  1. manojitdas says:

    Reblogged this on Manojit Das and commented:
    Self Identity


  2. Striped Blouse says:

    I think my fridge will have a side of those steamed stuffs and the other junk food 😀
    Guess its about time for some self evaluation in my part tho.
    and yeah,it is time for some movies!have a fab weekend!


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