Liquid confidence (or lack of it thereof)

Saseni dildo lickers 🙂

I have a bestie who is a co-worker, a girl. Of course almost all of my besties are girls.

At this point I should mention that every bone in her body is heterosexual and she is really hot.


the-omigod-i cant-focus-hot

She really likes me, that one I can tell for sure. It might be those cupcakes she brings me in the office or how she always seems to laugh every time I am telling her even the not so funny jokes. Or the fact that she treats me really special compared to the other workmates. This doesn’t settle well with the male colleagues but simply, there is no secret to our bond. I guess it’s a polite way of Mother Nature telling me that I was really born for this.

Despite the fact that we are in different departments, we somehow end up doing some assignments together in and outside the office.



We do lunch dates, coffee dates, and hanging out dates a lot. And she bought me a teddy bear for my birthday, with a note declaring her love for me (the non lesbian kind).

Side note: The teddy bear was really expensive I almost thought it came with a stripper or something.

I keep re-reading that note like my life depends on it. So as a gesture to return my sweet display of love, on Valentines I decided to be romantic with her (wrong move number one) and bought her flowers with a note declaring my non-lesbian (how I wish) love for her too. She was thrilled. What came after that was her inviting me to her place for dinner (wrong move number two).

We drank wine. And drank some more.

Wine goes into places you never intended it to. Suddenly all caution is thrown out of the window and it makes you so confident you start singing in different tongues.

The liquid confidence.

This is when you are drunk and the straight girls test their curiosity while the lesbian girls throw caution to the wind. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. But she is not the curious girl. Refer to every bone in her body is straight statement above. All she talks about is her boyfriend, ex-boyfriends yada yada. Being the best friend I am, I always stand in and tell her stories of my imaginary boyfriends.

We did everything that night except cuddling, kissing, touching or any other word close to the nethers.

Probably some of you might curse me for not trying but hey the Pope didn’t resign for us to torment innocent girl’s minds.

In hindsight, buying her flowers was the mother of them all. Pray tell, which female buys another woman flowers with words like platonic in her head! I don’t know what to do with her any more.

So I will just go along with swallowing the lesbian instincts vibe and let it be because she is really dear to me, or I continue hoping the Mayans were wrong and the world is ending for real this time or I see the damn shrink.




2 thoughts on “Liquid confidence (or lack of it thereof)

  1. Lavy says:

    Next please… Cant get enough


  2. Can I be Found? says:

    i actually identify with this


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