Saseni pussy lovers 🙂

A friend (who is a butch) once told me that she can never work in a bank because if you are working there, in most cases you will be required to wear very formal wear and by that I mean the dreaded skirt suits. Skirts are a no-no to her.


This got me thinking.

How much are we willing to sacrifice as far as our sexuality goes? Does the way you dress determine your career path, your way of life et cetera?  Maybe I am reading too many magazines but I would sure as hell become a grave digger to put champagne food on my bed table. I think grave digging ain’t that bad a career, no?



Despite the fact that I pass as the girlish kind, I would repair a leaking roof, change a flat tyre, and such like manly (who came up with this name anyway?) jobs. I would never starve my stomach (I am a foodie) while someone is willing to pay for their roof to be fixed. The manicure can wait.


So while I am huko strutting my Gikomba heels and the lawn mower guy is missing, you know who to call. 


I will do you the lawn so good your neighbors will hear you scream 🙂 Ha! I am getting really professional whoring my CV.

That is why I don’t want ‘em fucking clothes and stereotypes define who I am. I will rock the boy pants, girl pants, man pants and whatever others pants there are and rock them good. Things are pretty ugly on youth unemployment in Kenya and this bad ass sister got to survive.


The above mentioned friend is still in college and while in college you are allowed to get away with almost everything, Nairobi sun has a way of scorching your ass like a hormonal bitch. So what do you do then when the only job in offer involves you hawking your body assets (not what you are thinking pervs) to bored clients in a plane? I am not implying that those girls who serve you tea in the plane are hawking their goodies, but I am not saying that I love them skimpily dressed either.

Sexuality is a broad subject. And at the expense of sounding like a total insensitive bitch, if there is anything other than learning stuff as we grow older, it is the invaluable gift of perspective.

Perspective that we are not defined by our mode of dressing. Perspective that we can be cross dressers, studs, femmes, and work and be whatever we want in life. Perspective that our friends don’t define us. Perspective that we can break the rules sometimes. Perspective that we got to to show off some skin because we look really good while at it.


Perspective that yeah, it is all fucking worth it sometimes.

Have a smashing week y’all.


4 thoughts on “Sexuality

  1. H says:

    hahahahahahahh Your friend will soon wake up and smell the coffee lest she joins the many shameful studs/ dykes/ butch in Nairobi who are waiting for mamas to take care of them….. she gonna be out with her mama wearing her big pants and tisho…. she gonna order her meals and vodkas and beer, after the bill comes she will scrutinize it to make sure the waitress did not add up her 50 shillings or to pretend to onlookers that she is the one paying….. then halala she puts the bill back to the glass and continues gulping her beer and finally her mama pays and even tips the waitress 100ksh….. As they are about to leave the table your friend will call the witress and give her the tip herself yaani ati now its from her…. baby baby baby…. Chics really tharau you dykes who don wanna work … if anything you are gonna be used for sex by many a mamas…. I dont Identify with any of the above titles,but am sooo manly and when it comes to work I gotta wear a skirt and put on make up and jeeez we all need jobos….. Now I understand why femmes find it insane when i buy them drinks… baby girls wake up coz there are some gentlewomen out there… and AM ONE OF THEM… So tell your friend to style up……. thank you love HHHAAAAA


  2. Lulu says:

    Hilarity at it’s best-love this blog! Yeah it’s a bit testy, coz as a feminist and a lesbian-I gotta drop my two cents into your cookie jar. Truth is no one makes men dress a certain way for work, or for play. When men go the extra mile and do the metrosexual thing it’s because they want to or they subscribe to GQ. Or both. For I’d say 90% of men it’s pants and a shirt-sometimes clean and ironed, sometimes not, but that’s standard for dudes. Genetic females are ‘required’ to dress a certain way and look a certain way and speak a certain way-conform to societies idea of what a woman is-and truth be told-not make anyone uncomfortable. The butch bank teller….eyebrows (and for some dykes) nipples shall be raised. This pressure to pick a side in the gender binary affects all women (and men I guess)-regardless of whether they are gay straight or bi. That said-I agree that more important that what you look like is what kinda bacon you bring home You have to do the do-some wise ass said “you have to do what you have to do, so that you can do what you want to do.” Your butch chum should rock that skirt, save that moola, and move to Citigens where she can be as butch as she wants. Love it or hate it-TIA. Did I mention that I love your blog?


    • queerisme says:

      Lulu, you are one bright girl! I couldn’t have said it any better. Jeez, As if being a woman ain’t hard enough. Thanks so much for enlightening us, and loving my blog. I am humbled and my Whole week is made 😀


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